Updated Regulation For Award Tabulations

We have exciting news about a change to the 2022-2023 regulations for the Significanter Praesens (Substantially Present) award criteria. In response to the significant illnesses amongst students in November of this past year in adapting to post-pandemic isolation, as identified by the various school boards in Calgary, the PAF Board has agreed to increase (add to the existing) the number of acceptable days absent to still be considered ‘significant attendance’ by 5 days (1 week), as follows;

  • current criteria = 1%, or approximately 2 days for the year
  • proposed criteria = 4%, or approximately 7 (2+5) days for the year.

In our mandate to encourage attendance at school, the Perfect Attendance Foundation upholds the health and safety of it’s Registrants to the highest degree. We look forward to this this one-time adjustment having meaningful impact for students in their academic endeavors.