The following chart is an example of the many statements we have received, illustrating the positive impact PAF is having in the community. It has been organized chronologically and grouped by the school year. 

Personal names have been replaced with [pronouns] for privacy reasons.

DateEvent / Situation / TestimonySignificance
2019-09-002019 - 2020 SCHOOL YEAR- continued program Calgary wide
- awards for perfect attendance, significant improvement, and for significant attendance
- school awards for most registrants / capita
( yet to come, best of luck to all Registrants! )
2018-09-002018 - 2019 SCHOOL YEAR- continued program Calgary wide
- awards for perfect attendance and significant improvement
- added new award for significant attendance
- school awards for most registrants / capita
2019-07-19"Omari was hand delivered and presented his award for perfect attendance today(however it was my mom who had to accept on his behalf because he was at swimming lessons lol)
$65 gift card, Engraved medal, badge & pins
I encourage everyone to sign up even if you think your child may not make it everyday. They still give rewards :D"
2019-07-20"Thank you PAF for having this award for our children. My son was so happy when he received the package and said that he will do this again for the next school year 🙂 thumbsup"
2017-09-002017 - 2018 SCHOOL YEAR- continued program Calgary wide
- awards for perfect attendance and significant improvement
- continued school awards for most registrants / capita
2018-07-19"Our experience has been very positive. The program was easy to follow and I found communication excellent on your side. Participating is the program was a big motivator for [my son] and he wants to take part in the program again."a Grade 5 Registrant, had 7 days absent and 37 days tardy last year, and only missed 2 days and 1 day tardy after signing up with PAF
2018-07-19"[My daughter] asked me to tell you 'a big thank you!' for the gift card. She is extremely proud of herself for this achievement."a Grade 6 Registrant, achieved perfect attendance!
2018-07-28"I would just like to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful program that you have. I can tell you that for me, it made a huge difference! Before registering my kids, it was so hard to get them out the door in time. After registering them, they were always ready and to school early! In celebration of their awards I made them a quick cake. I will attach some pics. Thanks again " (Click here for image of cake)2 brothers were 22 days absence the previous year, and only missed 1 day after signing up with PAF
2016-09-002016 - 2017 SCHOOL YEAR- program offered Calgary wide
- awards for perfect attendance and significant improvement
- school awards for most registrants / capita
2017-07-16"I feel having a child involved in a program such as this one,
Is a great encouragement for a child to want and enjoy going to school.
With these rewards, it teaches the children how hard work pays of. [sic]
Our family fully supports this group.
It would be nice if this was also opened to kindergarten children.
Starting young with positive rewards and recognizing is essential.
(Even thought they have half days and every second Friday off)"
2017-07-16"Ever since [my son] has heard of your organization he has been very motivated to go to school every day. We always tell everyone why he won and of all his hard work and about you. Your organization has sure made this a good experience for our family. It has been super easy to stay motivated, to get the results to you and you have been awesome. Thanks you so much for everything."
2015-09-002015 - 2016 SCHOOL YEAR- continued pilot project with expanded outreach
- more information gathering from participating teachers and concept testing
- award offered only for acheiveing perfect attendance to grade 2, grade 3, and grade 6 classroom
2015-09-09a teacher receives a note in one student’s agenda saying that they would be absent this Friday, a half dayRegistrants are more likely to miss half days, perhaps perceived as being less important than a full day
2015-11-06student told the admin secretary that she didn’t want to go home, despite being ill, because she wanted to receive the perfect attendance prizeschool admin exercises it's responsibility to protect the safety of a student and others
2014-09-002014 - 2015 SCHOOL YEARinitial pilot project and concept testing, award offered only for acheiveing perfect attendance
2014-09-03inaugrual launch of PAF program to a grade 2 classroomthe students are SUPER excited!
2014-09-11a teacher learns a parent books a medical appointment for child during lunch hour to avoid an absencea parent makes effort to avoid child from missing education
2014-09-19email to teacher: ...“On that note, [my son] is extremely excited about your $50 Chapters gift card incentive. Last year, he complained continually about having to go to school, and tried coming up with all sorts of crazy reasons he couldn’t go on various days. It helped when Mad Science started, because he liked going to that. But when he found out that for 100 % perfect attendance you get a $50 gift card (!!), he literally sat me down to explain that he didn’t want me making him late or keeping him home on a school day. It was so funny, I had a hard time keeping a straight face!! He even told me that if I co-operate, he will share it with me, and let me have $10 of it."- Student now looks forward to going to school
- Student takes award seriously
- Even though no longer qualified for award, still makes effort towards attendance
2014-10-17Student chronically late in previous grade has not been late thus far. Mother rushes him to school so he will not miss attendance.a mother is committed to having her son at school on time, she is changing her behaviour to reflect this
2014-10-17a mother tells a teacher during parent-teacher interviews that she wanted to give her children a “day off” so she could sleep in