Perfect Attendance Logo Voting

The Perfect Attendance Foundation ran a public design competition for the development of our official logo!

The designers were instructed to have a graphical component (Icon) separate from the name of the Foundation (Text), or incorporate the two together. The Foundation’s slogan, “encouraging presence”, was optional and the Logo/Text must be able to stand alone without a slogan.

Colours were to be vibrant primary or secondary only and chosen for their typical associated meaning, with white and/or black usable for detailing or void spaces.

Out of 164 designs, we have selected the work from 4 Finalists and are illustrating 2 of their variations below. There is an option to have the chosen designer further revise their design.

Please ‘vote up’ (thumbs up) on your favourite design, and ‘vote down’ (thumbs down) those you feel would be a poor choice.

You do not get to re-vote, so be careful making your selections.


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