PAF 2020 Fall Registration Update

It is with great sorrow for the Perfect Attendance Foundation (PAF) to announce it will be suspending the 2020 Fall Registration, due to the implications caused by COVID-19.

There is currently a significant amount of safety uncertainty regarding the return of children to schools in September. While the Provincial governments continue making plans to have safe measures in place, the educators and families are still apprehensive. Additionally, we have not been provided an indication as to how school will be tracking attendance, if at all, when classes may be conducted in partial size or staggered with online learning.

PAF has always upheld health and safety along with encouraging presence. We will re-evaluate the situation in January in consideration for commencing with 2021 Winter Registration.

First 2020 Winter Registrant Gifts Sent

The 2020 Winter Registration is well underway, and the first batch of gift packages has been sent out. Those of you whom have registered can prior to today can expect to receive the button pin and quality fridge magnet this week.

Registration for the 2020 Winter session is for the last term of the school year if you haven’t already signed up at the beginning of the year. The registration deadline is February 18, 2020 and is done on our Registration webpage.

2020 Winter Registration Is Open

The 2019-2020 school year is half way through, and the 2020 Winter Registration is now open for those students attending schools in Calgary that have not yet signed up this year. Up to $100 in gift cards and other prizes are available again. Sign up before February 18, 2020 on the Registration page.

Families that register will receive a complimentary button pin and fridge magnet.