G.W. Skene School Wins Initial School Prize

Congratulations to G.W. Skene School for having the most Registrants by September 16. With a total of 20 Registrants at that time, the school has been awarded two adult and two child tickets to the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra “Kids at the Opera” on September 22nd, 2019.

Registration continues till the end of Monday, September 23, 2019 and there are still school prizes to be awarded afterward. Be sure to encourage your classmates to sign up and increase your chances for the other prizes.

2018 Fall Registrant Awards for Term 1 Tallied and Delivered

The attendance results for the families that signed up during the 2018 Fall registration period have been tallied. We are excited to report that 8.6% of these Registrants achieved perfect attendance; a new record! And our inaugural award for significant attendance was achieved by 1.7% of these Registrants.

This week the awards for those families that achieved these applicable merits have been delivered to their schools to be presented in the classroom.

These recipients have been posted on our Award Recipients page.

We wish these Registrants and those that registered in our 2019 Winter registration period all the best in the final school term and look forward to receiving everyone’s reports at the end of the school year.