2020 Awards and Regulations

Current Awards : 2020-2021 Academic School Year

Due to these unprecedented times and our commitment to health and safety, we are offering a revised award program for our Registrants in encouraging commitment to education. 

The Perfect Attendance Foundation understands it has been a tough school year so far. Along with attendance, we are also committed to abiding all public health orders and ensuring we do our part in flattening the curve and remaining vigilant. In order to adapt to the evolving norms due to the pandemic, we have decided to modify our program for the 2021 Winter Registration. We are pleased to announce an exciting opportunity that we would like to extend to past registrants who have been with PAF in a way to continue to support and encourage the commitment of learning.

The first 250 registrants will receive a PAF branded double sided dry-erase white board! This is an award for your past commitment to attendance, and encouragement in assisting the learning process for the remaining year. We are opening this amazing opportunity to any past Caregiver that has a child in grade 2 through 6 this year and meets the other past requirements. Yes, that means you can register a sibling of a past registrant that may no longer be within the eligible grade. 

General Regulations : 2020-2021 Academic School Year

  • Calgary Registration for the 2019 – 2020 academic school year will be available to Grades 2 through 6 students attending a school within the City of Calgary, Alberta and registered with the Provincial government excluding Home Education.
  • Participating students must attend schools with established and absolute means of recording student attendance, with a record made available to the Parent(s) or Guardian(s).
  • School administration and staff must have the means to dismiss a student that poses a health or safety risk to themselves or others in attendance.
  • Parent(s) or Guardian(s) are required to register and submit the verification of attendance within the provided deadlines.
  • ‘Excused absences’, ‘sick leaves’, etc. do not constitute attendance as determined by the educational institute.
  • Awards are not cumulative; only one Award and it’s value can be achieved per academic year.
  • Awards and General Regulations are subject to change, and will be interpreted by the Perfect Attendance Foundation.

Past Awards and Regulations

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