2015 Awards and Regulations

Awards for the 2015 – 2016 Academic School Year

Semper Praesens (Latin for “Always Present”)


Semper Praesens – Semestris (Latin for “Always Present – Semester”)


Praesens Amplius (Latin for ‘Present To A Greater Degree’)

  • For significant improvement in attendance throughout the academic year from the previous academic year, defined by reducing the number of days missed in the previous academic year by 80% rounded up to the nearest half day.
  • Student receives $20 gift certificate at Chapters Indigo Bookstore
  • Parent(s)/Guardian(s) receive $20 gift certificate at a Cadillac Fairview Shopping Mall



General Regulations for the 2015 – 2016 Academic School Year

  • Participating classrooms must have an established and absolute means of recording student attendance, with a record made available to the Parent(s) or Guardian(s).
  • Parent(s) and Guardian(s) are required to respond to the ‘call for participation’ by September 30, 2015, and submit the verification of attendance within the stated deadlines. Information provided by Parent(s) and Guardian(s) will be used appropriately and with discretion, and may be publically published. Parent(s) and Guardian(s) can request to have submitted information withheld from being publically published.
  • ‘Excused absences’, ‘sick leaves’, etc. does not constitute attendance.
  • School administration and staff must have the means to dismiss a student that poses a health or safety risk to themselves or others in attendance.
  • Awards are not cumulative; only one Award and it’s value can be achieved per academic year.
  • Parent(s) and Guardian(s) are only eligible for one Award of greatest value per academic year.
  • Awards and General Regulations are subject to change, and will be interpreted by SemperPraesens.com