Who We Are

Administration – Calgary

Renee Harris, Registrar
Renee joins PAF with years of administration experience including database management, and a passion for the pursuit of education. Her training in human resources and marketing will provide a critical means of engaging and corresponding with those associated with the Foundation.
Hilary Astolfi, Resident Teacher Advisor
Hilary has been with Perfect Attendance from day one, back in September 2014, when she piloted an attendance incentive with her students.  She had seen how school absences can not only influence a child’s academic achievement, but also social interactions.  Attendance at school matters!
Hilary’s involvement grew in 2015 when she was a member of a teacher advisory board that helped shape Perfect Attendance’s policies and awards.  She continues to serve as resident teacher, guiding the board through changes and has helped to launch new initiatives.
Hilary has a BA and a BEd, as well having begun her Master’s Degree in School Administration.  She has worked for nine years as an elementary teacher, and is excited to help Perfect Attendance grow in Calgary.  She has seen first hand how Perfect Attendance has motivated students and increased their presence, punctuality, and confidence in the classroom.
<currently vacant>, Digital Manager
Contact us at info@PerfectAttendance.ca if you are interested in this position.

Executive Officers & Committees – Calgary

Acting President, Chair
Jon Astolfi
Email: info@PerfectAttendance.ca
(contact us if you are interested in this position)
Hailey Hahn CPA, RAD RTS
Email: CGY.Treasurer@PerfectAttendance.ca
– vacant –
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Teacher Advisory Committee Members
Hilary – Grade 2 teacher
Tracy – Grade 3 teacher
Madame Valérie – Grade 6 teacher

Board of Directors

James Costello
As a CPA.CA and ICD.D with global experience in multiple industries, James is an experienced management consultant aiding businesses with financial restructuring, long term efficiency, fundraising, strategy and cash-flow maximization.
He is the CEO at New Globe Consulting, a Calgary based Management Consulting and Corporate Finance Capital Partnership working on building a strong international network of management consultants advising multiple industries and diverse companies.
He also operates a small private equity fund focused on Consumer markets, technology and Hospitality industries.

Email: Treasurer@PerfectAttendance.ca

Jon Astolfi, Chair
Jon’s first experience as a volunteer for a charity started in Saskatchewan when he was only six years old in canvasing donations for community development and humanitarian relief efforts around the world. His administration experience in the non-profit sector started in Manitoba as a co-founder of an athletic club in 2001 that is still in operation today, and as vice president of a Provincial sport organization for which he received the ‘volunteer of the year’ award in 2002. In 2008 Jon founded a successful non-profit athletic club in Calgary, and was President and CEO of the Alberta Weightlifting Association from 2013-2014.
Professionally, Jon is active on the Registration Committee for the Alberta Association of Architects.

Email: info@PerfectAttendance.ca

Tom Malin
Tom started his first company in 2002, developing a successful charter bus company from the ground up with an unparalleled team of unified and devoted employees. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he continued to develop other business ventures over the years and is currently engaged as president of the Malin Home Team which focuses on residential real estate.
As a people-driven person, Tom thrives on relationships and cares deeply about the needs of those he grows connected. With an objective to contribute positively to this world and make a positive impact on those around him, Tom continually strives to find ways to contribute to their happiness. This life objective has led Tom in being the founder of the ‘100 Days Challenge’, a program of daily commitment to practice one area of self-love (exercise, nutrition, gratitude) based on a pre-determined schedule created for the participants in the Challenge.

Email: TomM@PerfectAttendance.ca