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The Perfect Attendance Foundation (PAF) is a registered charity organization providing awards for Grade 2-6 students in recognition of exemplary attendance throughout the academic year.  We believe there is value in supporting families and schools wanting to encourage children to develop the concept of investing in their own education and the rewards of leading a committed life. After conducting pilot programs over two school years in selected classrooms in Calgary, Alberta with very encouraging results, PAF was opened to all schools across the city in 2016.

While most student awards are based on academic or athletic merits, our Foundation seeks to recognize those students that make the effort to attend school every day. Our highest awards go to those registered students who achieve perfect attendance during each semester or the entire school year. There are also awards for students who have substantial attendance, or significantly improve their attendance. We have also provided prizes to schools throughout the year for their own distribution.

This is not a school-run program, and does not place any responsibility or liability on the school’s staff or resources. Parents and/or Guardians of eligible students are required to register directly with us, and self-report the attendance of their child or children at two designated times throughout the academic year. The monetary awards are gift certificates from a selection of appropriate retailers.

PAF is registered through Corporations Canada under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act and is also a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency .

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4 thoughts on “About PAF”

  1. Why is registration necessary? If my kid gets perfect attendance can I apply then?

    1. Thank you Max for the question. As a developing organization, we have financial limitations towards keeping an open invitation to our monetary awards. The registration process helps us gauge what our minimum fundraising efforts need to be. Additionally, it also provides an opportunity for families to consciously declare their desire and strive for commitment.

      I’m sure many people will have this question as well, and we will transfer it to our FAQ section.

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