CGY 2019 Fall Registrant Awards for Term 1 Tallied

The attendance results for the families that signed up during the 2019 Fall registration period have been tallied. We are excited to report that over 27% of these Registrants have achieved attendance recognition.

  • 17.5% of these Registrants achieved perfect attendance; a new record!
  • Over 8% of the registrants achieved substantial attendance

The awards for those families that achieved the applicable merits are being delivered to the schools this week. We will be updating our Award Recipients page once all the deliveries have been made.

We wish these Registrants and those that recently registered in our 2020 Winter registration period all the best in the final school term and look forward to receiving everyone’s reports at the end of the school year.

Calgary’s New Executive President

Perfect Attendance Foundation Logo

PAF is pleased to announce and welcome Sophia Louie as it’s new Calgary President. Ms. Louie is a results oriented business professional with experience in leading projects and furthering strategic goals. Along with her passion for impressing the values of education and commitment, we look forward to her direction in Calgary.

You can learn more about the Calgary PAF team and our available opportunities on our ‘Who We Are’ webpage.

First 2020 Winter Registrant Gifts Sent

The 2020 Winter Registration is well underway, and the first batch of gift packages has been sent out. Those of you whom have registered can prior to today can expect to receive the button pin and quality fridge magnet this week.

Registration for the 2020 Winter session is for the last term of the school year if you haven’t already signed up at the beginning of the year. The registration deadline is February 18, 2020 and is done on our Registration webpage.